Parque Nacional Rio Pilcomayo

Versión en castellano

Rio Pilcomayo National Park was established in 1951 to protect the grasslands, marshes and forests that surround the Pilcomayo River. 120 km from Formosa Capital, Parque Nacional Rio Pilcomayo is located in La Laguna Blanca, to the interior of the province.

While park visitors and tourists concentrate their activities around the main watercourse, on its trips to the national park, Proyecto Mirikiná sets up camp near the patchy vegetation of the higher lands where we study the owl monkeys of the ‘forest islands’ (las isletas).

Parque Pilcomayo is the only national park in Argentina to protect the Owl Monkeys. Past estimates of the owl monkey population were of approximately 600 individuals. We are currently conducting research that will allow us sometime soon to obtain more accurate and recent estimates.

The project’s work in the national park has been largely demographic in nature; the predominant island topography serves as a contrast to the gallery forests of the Guaycolec ranch. The doctoral work of Cecilia Juárez has prompted multiple field trips to the park, during the breeding season (the first months of the year) to study the demography of newborns.

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