Outreach Education

In partnership with Fundación ECO of Formosa and with the support of the Education Department of the Zoological Society of San Diego and the Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Species, the Owl Monkey Project has developed various educational activities to promote the conservation of the fauna and flora of the Gran Chaco using owl monkeys and giant armadillos as a flag species.

Over the years, the project team has participated in local science fairs, provided  teachers with logistical support to incorporate material on local biology into their curriculum and, and invited Formosa elementary school children to participate in field biology on the ranch.

Program Activities

Primary School Teacher Workshops

A primary school teacher workshop is held at the Owl Monkey Project field site. Five teachers learned about the project, tried various kinds of field equipment (e.g. telemetry, binoculars) and saw fee-ranging owl monkeys.
The Owl Monkey Project provided teachers with a video summarizing aspects of the research, with after school owl monkey-related programming activities and with written fields stories from the field. Back in their classrooms, teachers organized activities centered on our research.

Primary School Students Learn Biology in the Forest

Following in-classroom activities to learn about owl monkeys, primary school students spend the morning in the forest, learning about plants eaten by monkeys (right) as well as looking for, finding and observing owl monkeys.

Participation at Provincial and National Science Fair

Fourth-graders from the “Alas” School win the Formosa Provincial Science Fair with their presentation on owl monkeys, prepared under our guidance.

Community Workshops

In response to media coverage of the Latin American Primate Conservation Biology Field Courses conducted in 2003 and 2004, there was great demand from the community to learn about the project. Thus, we organized two one-day community workshops to share, in a hands-on manner, what our research consists of in Guaycolec.

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