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Anthropology of Dad: an audio series

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque isn’t the only anthropologist at Yale who researches fatherhood. We present our new audio series featuring five different takes on the ‘Anthropology of Dad’, including an interview about our own owl monkeys. Project member Ben Finkel brings you these pieces.

In honor of Father’s Day we were curious to find out, just how come so many Yale anthropologists research fatherhood? In a set of interviews, we ask five experts to explore the different questions anthropology has on the evolution, health, and culture of dads. Ben Finkel, a research associate at Yale, produced these pieces.

The audio podcast features interviews with our collegues Professors Marcia Inhorn, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Richard Bribiescas, Catherine Panter-Brick, and graduate student Erin Burke.

Go directly to the interview with Eduardo Fernandez-Duque here



Yale News features owl monkeys for El Día de Padre

Just in time for Father’s Day, the project is proud to share some media on our very own owl monkeys and PI, Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque.

Check out this article by Jim Shelton featured on Yale News.

“The world’s finest fathers just might be covered with fur and live in the trees of Argentina. They’re owl monkeys, and a growing body of research indicates that males of the species do much of the nurturing, childrearing, and protecting of offspring. They should be at the top of any Fathers Day list for the animal kingdom, a Yale University biological anthropologist says.” Read the full article here.

Photo by V. Davalos of the Owl Monkey Project

Happy Valentine’s Day from the OMP

We hope you get to share your love with a lucky primate today.

Check out P.I. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque talking about the evolution of pair-bonds at the Academic Minute.

¡Feliz día de los enamoradores!

Love in the Time of Monkeys, a new Natural History Magazine article

The latest issue of Natural History Magazine features a cover story by Owl Monkey Project P.I., Eduardo Fernandez-Duque. Love in the Time of Monkeys explores the history of the Owl Monkey Project and the evolutionary forces that shape monogamy.

Los invito a leer el articulo ya publicado en Natural History, Amor en los Tiempos del Mono. Este articulo de portada explora la historia del Proyecto Mirikina y la importancia del alimento, los celos y el cuidado paternal en la evolución de la monogamia en el mono mirikiná.

Ben Finkel, an OMP research associate at Yale co-authored the piece. Otro miembro del proyecto Ayellén Nally es responsable principal de la traducción al castellano del articula original.



Postdoctoral position with the OMP at Yale University

The Owl Monkey Project is searching for a post-doctoral associate who will collaborate in projects on socio-endocrinology and genetics. The Department of Anthropology and the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies at Yale University invite applications for a full-time, two-year position in biological anthropology and/or primatology during academic years 2015-17.

Help us get the word out!

Click the link below for more info on this position, as well as a similar opening for our sister project, The Chaco Area Reproductive Ecology Program.

Postdoc positions in Biological Anthropology, Yale University

Un sitio nuevo, en dos idiomas

En el Proyecto Mirikiná (the Owl Monkey Project), siempre estamos tratando de balancearnos entre dos idiomas.

Para navegar nuestro menú, mueva el ratón 🙂 encima de cada opción en inglés para acceder a la página equivalente en castellano. También pueden encontrar, al pie de cada página, un enlace a la misma página en el otro idioma.

En Argentina, recibimos estudiantes estadounidenses que vienen para aprender castellano, así como la faula de la zona. Nuestros alumnos argentinas aprenden a leer y escribir artículos en inglés (el idioma que predomina en el mundo de la literatura científica), al mismo tiempo que adquieren vocabulario interactuando con los estudiantes que nos visitan. Read More

A new site, in two languages

Here at the Owl Monkey Project (Proyecto Mirikiná), we are always juggling languages.  In Argentina, we host U.S. students who come to learn the Spanish as well as the wildlife. Our Argentinian scholars learn to read and write articles in English (which dominates the science literature world), while they also pick up plenty of vocabulary from visiting students. Read More

Evolution of monogamy in Proceedings B – Owl monkeys don’t cheat

We’re proud to announce a new publication in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, which explores the evolution of monogamy in mammals with some exciting new data from the Owl Monkey Project in Argentina. Read More

Project students receive Leakey Awards

Owl Monkey Project researchers and PhD candidates at the University of Pennsylvania Margaret Corley and Andrea Spence-Aizenberg have both been awarded general grants from The Leakey Foundation. Read More

Eduardo’s TEDx video: De amor, monogamia, y monos

Owl monkey project P.I. Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque was a speaker at the TEDxRiodelaPlata back in september, hosted in Buenos Aires. Read More