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A collection of monkey pictures that span years of field research.

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The Early Days
Since 1998, numerous colleagues, field assistants, automobiles and hairstyles have made their mark on the Owl Monkey Project.

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Casa 100, The Univeristy of Pennsylvania Research Station
Named for its address (House 100), the Universirty of Pennsylvania Research Station provides physical support for the Owl Monkey Project in the city of Formosa, Argentina. Visitng researchers use Casa 100 on weekends for data management and showering!  The house is equipped with a library collection donated by Dr. Irven DeVore.

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Camp Artwork
Through out the years, many talented field assistants have spent down time in the field making artwork. The recent masterpieces of Victor Davalos create a natural theme of interior decoration for our Quincho in Guaycolec.

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Chaco National Park
The Owl Monkey Project makes frequent trips to local parks to examine the flora and founa that comprise the Gran Chaco.  Below are pictures from a trip the the Chaco National Park.

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Biological Clocks Course, June 2011
This two week course, taught by faculty from the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes in Buenos Aires, University of Pennsylvania and University of Washington, focused on theory and current research topics in the field of circadian rhythms. A week-long classroom component to the course (taught at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Buenos Aires) was followed by a week-long field component on the Owl Monkey Project field site in Formosa. Take a look at the first round of pictures from the course on the Guaycolec Ranch.

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Conservation Course 2007
These pictures are from the 2007 installment of the Owl Monkey Project’s Conservation Course, taught in collaboration with the Fundacion ECO.

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