A new site, in two languages

Here at the Owl Monkey Project (Proyecto Mirikiná), we are always juggling languages.  In Argentina, we host U.S. students who come to learn the Spanish as well as the wildlife. Our Argentinian scholars learn to read and write articles in English (which dominates the science literature world), while they also pick up plenty of vocabulary from visiting students.

Inevitably, our meetings and skype conferences, and sometimes even our documents, alternate between languages. This helps us form a rich and integrated community, but sometimes confusing for those who have yet to master one language or another.

To stay a truly international research project, with feet firmly planted both in Latin America and the U.S., we are doing our best to maintain a bilingual website.

To navigate our menu, move the mouse over an English option to reveal the Spanish page equivalent. Additionally, at the bottom of each page you can find a link to its counterpart.

We are still looking for better ways to build a bilingual website. It’s our hope to continue hosting blog posts in both languages so that we may have a mirrored blog. Soon, we wish to have a more accessible front page for Spanish speakers. We still much work to do, and we hope that you will provide us feedback and let us know of problems and mistakes. Feel free to contact us (in any language) at mirikinawordpress[at]gmail.com with questions or suggestions on how to improve our site. Thank you.


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