Current research

The Owl Monkey Project, started in 1996 by Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, is a multi-disciplinary research site in the Argentinean Chaco. In conjunction with the Anthropology Department at Yale University, we investigate the evolution of monogamy and paternal care in a pair-bonded primate….

Fundación ECO

Fundación ECO (Ecosistemas del Chaco Oriental) is a conservation and education organization as well as the Argentinean umbrella under which the Owl Monkey Project operates. In 1996, my wife, Claudia Valeggia, and I established research projects in the Province of Formosa….

Estancia Guaycolec

Estancia Guaycolec, a privately-owned cattle ranch, is home to Proyecto Mirikiná (Owl Monkey Project). This 25,000 hectare ranch is located 25 km north of Formosa City. Along the banks of the Pilagá River (58◦11_ W, 25◦58_ S), the research group…

News from the field

Join our team for Summer 2019!

We are looking for four enthusiastic research interns to join our team for 2019! Visit our Internships page to learn more and apply.

Anthropology of Dad: an audio series

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque isn’t the only anthropologist at Yale who researches fatherhood. We present our new audio series featuring five different takes on the ‘Anthropology of Dad’, including an interview about our own owl monkeys. Project member Ben Finkel brings…

Yale News features owl monkeys for El Día de Padre

Just in time for Father’s Day, the project is proud to share some media on our very own owl monkeys and PI, Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque. Check out this article by Jim Shelton featured on Yale News. “The world’s finest fathers…

Un sitio nuevo, en dos idiomas

En el Proyecto Mirikiná (the Owl Monkey Project), siempre estamos tratando de balancearnos entre dos idiomas. Para navegar nuestro menú, mueva el ratón 🙂 encima de cada opción en inglés para acceder a la página equivalente en castellano. También pueden encontrar,…

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A new site, in two languages

Here at the Owl Monkey Project (Proyecto Mirikiná), we are always juggling languages.  In Argentina, we host U.S. students who come to learn the Spanish as well as the wildlife. Our Argentinian scholars learn to read and write articles in English (which…

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